Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions — if you have any other questions you would like to be answered, please refer to our Contact us page.
How do I create an account?
Do I need to create an account to place an order?
How do I subscribe to the newsletter?
How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
Can I change my address and other personal details?
I forgot my password, what should I do?
How do you keep my personal information secure?
Do you have different prices for the same products?
Do you ship overseas? 
Have you received my order?
What if my personal details are incorrect on my order?
I didn’t receive order confirmation, what should I do?
Can I make changes to my order?
I’m unsure about my order status, what should I do? 
I have received a faulty item, what should I do?
I’ve received the wrong item, what should I do?
Do you offer free shipping?
I live outside Europe, will I be charged any additional taxes?
I missed the courier delivery. What should I do?
Do you offer a free pick-up service?
How long will I be waiting for my order?
How much does shipping cost?
Can I track my order?
Where do you ship from?
What couriers do you work with?
Where are your products made?
Is your packaging sustainable?
How do you come about your products’ prices?
Why use organic cotton in most of your clothing pieces?
Size & Fit
Do you have a size guide for your clothing pieces? 
Will you offer a wider size range soon?
Discount codes, coupons, and promotions
My discount code didn’t work.
I forgot to add my discount coupon, what now?
How do I add a discount coupon?
Where can I get a discount code?
Do you offer an aftercare guide for your clothing pieces?
Can I send gifts to multiple addresses?
Can I have my order with gift packaging?
Do you sell gift cards?
How do you offer gift receipts? 
Payments and invoices
Which payment methods do you accept?
My payment was declined, what should I do?
Will I receive an invoice for my purchase?
Returns and exchanges
Can I return/exchange an item?
Repair program
Can you repair an item I bought a few years ago?
Circular program
Can I sell / buy a pre-owned wetheknot gem?